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In the Midst of Giving UP

on September 12, 2013

In Atlanta, I’m constantly in traffic in the mornings, some noon-days and evenings.  There are times I wish I could have transportation like the Jetson’s (classic cartoon), to be free from traffic. They lived in a futuristic utopia, everything raised high above ground, no traffic.  Some days are a lot better than others…but when the traffic is a complete halt, it’s frustrating, then you can look at others cruising by. You can’t avoid it; it’s something you have to go through it.  Going through, I realize, had I rushed, there could have been an accident or a speeding ticket.

 Have you had a moment in life when you wanted to simply, “Give up?”  Two weeks ago, I felt that feeling…when your life feels like a traffic jam.  I’ve had moments of postponing, but never giving up in 29 years.  It’s easier to tell someone else, “Don’t give up…Don’t quit!”  I’ve said it a lot to others, but when it’s you…what do you do? My grandfather, (late, A. Sims), told me before going to be with the Lord, “Everything is gonna be alright!” The moment of becoming tired/weary of the halting, can be frustrating, but what happens when God flips your script? Your plan, perhaps what you thought was strategic, was just too simple, more like cruising through the traffic of life and there’s a detour. It will change your mind and cause you to think differently.

 My grandmother would always mention, “There’s no need to rush, wherever you’re going will be there, whatever you’re trying to do, if it’s His will, will come to past!”  In the midst of wanting to give up a whisper of a familiar passage came to me, Psalm 23. I’ve read Psalm 23 most of my life, but I have a new appreciation for the writer (David) of the passage. I realized I can’t give up, because I have to go through this season for several reasons:

  1.  He’s my shepard (guide, keeper, provider, preserver, watches over me)

   2.  I shall not want (I may not have all that I want, He’ll supply ALL of my needs)

   3.  He makes me lie down in green pastures (at times I’m so busy, but He’ll force rest, sometimes to be still to focus on Him

   4.  He’ll lead me beside the still waters (give direction and time to catch my breath, peace)

   5.  He restores my life (in the mist of feeling lost, He provides comfort…allows total restoration)

   6.  He guides me along the right paths, for his name’s sake (when I’m not certain of where to go…He will lead me to        wholeness)

   7.  Your rod and staff will comfort me (my protector/protection)

   8.  You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies (when there’s encountering forces of the enemy to give up, I’ll survive it, from preparation)

   9.  You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows (continual anointing of the Holy Spirit will be with me; comforter)

 10.  Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life (No exception from trials and tribulations, His mercy is eternal, favor in the midst of the storm, the best days are ahead…His angels are with me)

 Now, I realize, “I can’t give up!” When I think of His goodness towards me…..my soul truly cries out! In a place of pain, Psalm 23 can provide reassurance that this is only a process and through it….a purpose will be revealed…in the midst of my “RIGHT NOW!” Traffic will not last always…..it has to soon flow….If you haven’t gone through, just keep living, in this life, you’re either, just coming out of something, going through something or on your way to something, but don’t give up as difficult as it may seem!

 I solicit your prayers! Be inspired… 

6 responses to “In the Midst of Giving UP

  1. Judith Venable says:

    Chelseia, you are loved. God loves you most and He knows every hurt and every pain. But He has also provided you with persons who care about you and will gladly stand in the gap for your healing and strength. I am one who will do just that because I truly love you.

  2. Gloria Brock says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Chelseia!

  3. Glenda Davies says:

    You are always in my Prayers, Chelseia, with God’s grace and mercy your heart and hurt will be healed. Love you much sweet Lady. Mama Glenda

  4. Cindy Wilson says:

    Awww love you Chels!!!!

  5. Ettay's Dad says:

    You are awsome, may Gods grace and blessings continue to be with you.

  6. Leila says:

    Chelseia, You are such an inspiration!!! Look up to the heavens for there is where our help comes from.You are loved more then you will ever know by so many people.We are praying for you and asking the lord to take away the Hurt and Emptiness and replace it with Happiness and fullness.You are a STRONG individual whom I know that loves the lord with all of her mind,body and soul and in saying that,I also know you will turn this mess into a message and this test into a testimony one day because you know what the devil means for bad God will turn it around and use it for good in some way. Chelseia,I love you so much and I am here for you if you ever need me for anything!!! You have always had a very special place in my heart and you always will. 🙂

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