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Intentionally Implement in Isolation

Rebuild (1) to make extensive changes in (2) to restore to a previous state

Isolation: (1) The complete separation from others of a person suffering from contagious or infectious disease; quarantine. (2) The action of isolating: the condition of being isolated.

Happy Thursday!

I hope your day is off to a productive start. As this month ends, I hope that you have been rebuilding. I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve made lists of changes versus my norm. I encourage you to do the same. It really makes a difference. It’s alright to change 😊

Think about what it means to rebuild and isolate. During the pandemic, in my opinion the world has encountered a fast, also known by the media as quarantine. There has been a reason for this isolation. I hope that you have been able to set a foundation to rebuild you this month. What changes have you made? (Seriously, take note of it)

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT! Yes, you can implement during isolation. It could be a new meditation schedule, exercise routine, focusing on a new goal, organization, eliminating something or restructuring. There are somethings that you have envisioned or perhaps God has spoke and you’ve snoozed it. Don’t snooze what God is trying to awaken in you. The time is here for you to implement the changes into your life. You should not come out the same—after all, there’s an “It” that you must be intentional with—Don’t ignore.

I want to encourage you today, “Be intentional to implement “That thing” that you’ve been putting off. Start now, tomorrow isn’t promised (That cliché is true).  It’s imperative that you are intentional in isolation.

God, I thank you for this day! You know our name, so speak, for your servants are listening. Thank you for isolation, but help us to be intentional and implement our new norm. Thank you for the growth that’s taking place right now. Help us to see your favor in the midst of the pandemic, knowing that you have power and will release PEACE. Today, allow us to find joy, because there’s no demonic force that will distance us from you. Heal those that are affected by COVID-19—release your angels to cover them as well as the world and leadership. I rebuke every curse and ask that you would cover us in your blood! Help us to implement boundaries! Heal, deliver and set us free!!! In Jesus name, AMEN.

Be inspired


Strength in Stretching


to amplify or enlarge beyond natural or proper limits  

(of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.

to lie down at full length

straighten or extend one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length, typically so as to tighten one’s muscles or in order to reach something. 

“Enlarge the place of your tent,  stretch your tent curtains wide,  do not hold back; lengthen your cords,  strengthen your stakes. –Isaiah 54:2

Has there been a moment when you may have felt that you have been pulled in multiple directions? There may have been a moment that you feel, “I’m about to break.” Often stretching is designed to make you push beyond what’s comfortable. Are you comfortable? There are times God will allow comfort in a discomforting season. It’s in the uncomfortable place the discomfort is to remind you that you’ve been comfortable too long. There hasn’t been enough stretching, which permits GROWTH. Sometimes He has to isolate you, it takes great FAITH in the stretching season.

It’s the stretching that will allow you to become more refined and strengthen character. Often, God will stretch you to redirect your path to a greater place He has called you. If He can’t get you in your comfort zone, then He has the room to stretch you. There’s so much more in you.  Despite the stretching, He will not allow you to BREAK.  The glory can’t come out of your comfort zone. Take a moment to “Thank Him” for loving you enough to stretch you, beyond your limits into His SUPERNATURAL Power. He will cultivate your strength in the process. He wants to increase and enlarge your territory. Trust Him in the midst of the stretching. The stretch will save you. It’s a season of stretching that will shift you to a new dimension, some may not understand, but don’t allow other’s to distract you.  After all, His sovereignty will sustain you during each moment of your stretching season.

The stretch will create “NEW”:

 1.    Purpose

2.    Protection

3.    Possibilities

4.    Position

5.    Posture

6.    Perception

7.    Personal Growth

Be inspired.



Spirit Check

H A P P Y   M O N D A Y | Spirit Check

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! Before you get going, take time to perform a SPIRIT CHECK!

Have you gone to the doctor for a physical exam?  It’s a time to get a status on your health and to further address any concerns. How often do you perform a “Spirit Check?” Often we question spirits of others, when it’s not to our liking or maybe just different. Sadly, we pay so much attention to others and neglect our own spirit.  In order to become balanced and focused, take time examine your spirit.

You may wonder, how and why. So…this week, ELIMINATE spirit crushers, such as, toxic people, relationships, spiritual impurities, illnesses, negativity, complacency, envy, excuses, procrastination, old thoughts, past hurts or anything that is clouding your mental capacity/vision.

You’ll need assistance during the process. Ask God, “Help me rid every hindrance and purify my spirit, so that I am aligned with you. It’s not about other’s, but ME. How can I become better?”

During the spirit check, things to ponder: 1) Is there any freedom in my mind? 2) What will I do today to change? 3) Are there any demonic spirits around me? (Discern) 4) I will say, YES, and release YESterday! 5) Are my motives pure?

Check on your spirit today!

Be inspired…


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New Beginnings #8

It’s August!!!! It’s time for new beginnings (#8).  As you move forward, don’t stumble reconsidering the past. Any and everything that has happened was for a reason. Generally, the reason doesn’t make sense, however, there’s a purpose.  Allow this to be a productive month—declutter your mind and focus on moving ahead. There’s so much ahead that you can’t see thinking or looking behind. Trust God’s sovereignty, don’t allow the battles of life to consume you, focus on winning the war!

 In order for New Beginnings:

  1. Refocus: Let Go of anything or anyone that isn’t pushing you forward! (It’s in the way)
  2. Redirect: The old direction has come to a dead in…do something different, it’s time for a new way! (Detours aren’t always bad—Deliverance can come out of it)
  3. Realize: Each day has divine purpose; if it’s pointless, it’s has no purpose for power in your space. (Your time is limited, it’s something you can’t get back)
  4. Rejoice: Be thankful, everything happens for a reason to make preparation for something greater. (The plan is always bigger than you)
  5. Release: Anything that’s hindering, isn’t helping you! (Purging is a great method to release—everyone can’t enjoy the purposed journey)
  6. Reflect: If He has done it before, He will/can do it again! Consider positive thoughts/mediation! Find the joy in it! (Liberation time)
  7. Reveal: In due time, He will reveal what you must eliminate in order for Him to elevate you!
  8. REMEMBER: Uncommon things happen when God is trying to lead you to a common

Rely on the Holy Spirit to be your guide in the month of New Beginnings! It’s time! Be reassured, there will be testing, but it’s only temporary. He positioned you for it. Pray about it. Have Patience in it! The enemy knows there’s so much in you, don’t stay in the box!!! Let’s see RESULTS!!! He’s REVISING you!!! Happy New Beginnings!!!!

Be inspired,


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Just Because…


Something Simple: Worth trying today and this week…

Just say “Thank You, Lord!”

Thank You for waking me up.

Thank you for forgiving me.

Thank you for sustaining my mind.

Thank you for your love and mercy.

Thank you for endless grace.

Thank you for keeping me in spite of “Me”

Thank you for opening doors I couldn’t see.

Thank you for wiping my tears.

Thank you for being a comforter.

Thank you for being there, good and bad.

Thank you for shielding me.

Thank you for being a protector.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being constant.

Thank you for ALWAYS standing by my side.

Thank you for making a way.

Thank you for guarding my heart.

Thank you for loving me when my “ways” get in the way of your WILL.

Thank you for being by my side in the midst of the storms of life.

Thank you!

Today and forever, I just want to say, “THANK YOU, JESUS, for ALL you’ve done and are doing NOW.”


Be inspired this week-


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Happy Wednesday! I hope your week has been productive. I’m sure you’re curious about the title, “Scheduled Appointments.”

Often we schedule medical, spa, business meetings, hair and leisure appointments, just to name a few. Special time is allotted when the appointment is scheduled. Generally, it’s also requested that you should arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment.  Arrangements are normally made to make the scheduled appointment—with technology, reminders are set, just to ensure that appointment is set and confirmed.

A month ago, sitting in Starbucks, I heard, “We need more time aside from our regular time.” At that moment, I thought, “Scheduled appointments,” aside from my normal time with God. I’d like to encourage each of you to set a reminder in your phone or calendar…just for God.  Make a point to have a standing appointment, maybe a weekly recap, a one-on-one, or whatever you’d like to call it. There are somethings we’d dare miss, because it’s a part of our daily routine. Take time, then make time.

Today, I’d like to inspire you to set aside a reminder to alert you for your scheduled appointment with your creator. Pray about it. There may be something you want direction or advice on…and He’s waiting on you. Somethings you can only go to the source for, which eliminates unnecessary chatter.   Guess what, He will not charge you should you need to reschedule. Schedule an appointment, then make it a habit, once it’s a habit, it will become a lifestyle. Your scheduled appointment will become a divine appointment.

Four reasons scheduled appointments have purpose:

  1. Elimination of procrastination and promote productivity (filters distractions). 
  2. Enables a focused mindset to get things done in a specific time.
  3. Embrace priorities (What’s important to you?).
  4. Empowers you to see what you can’t do alone and what’s possible with Him.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. -Matthew 6:33 NLT

Inspire someone today!

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Have you prayed for something and it seem as if God ignored you? Maybe you’ve prayed and the answer wasn’t exactly what you expected. Perhaps you prayed and gave God a timeline for “your” plan.  Have you made a vast decision and when you saw the outcome you thought, “I should’ve prayed about that?”

That’s something I often heard my Grandmother say. I didn’t understand, however, I did question her about, “Pray about it!” People would ask her to do things and her response would be, “Let me pray about it, first!” Then there would be times when she’d encourage others to “Pray about it.” What I learned is that she acknowledged that she wasn’t in control. She knew to seek the Sovereign one, then He could manifest in due season. She knew how to wait on Him and work for Him at the same time.

I can vividly recall a time that I was told to pray at church, at a very young age. I was volunteered by my grandmother, so there was no room to say, “No.” There wasn’t an option, but I do recall saying, “I don’t know what to say.” She said, “Go” and He would give me the words to say. I can’t recall verbatim the prayer on that Sunday, however, I recall praying.

Often times, God is telling us to just “Go” and instead of moving, we begin to think too much in complacency. We began to talk ourselves out of what it is that He’s trying to call us into.  Instead of trusting, we become timid, which causes insult to His power. We want Him to call, but without a challenge, because we’re often confined to a complacent place negating change. Imagine the ways that could be may out of obedience, simply by trusting Him. Today, I’d like to encourage someone to just GO. It was obvious that my grandmother knew I could do it, but I had to move in order for Him to use me.

Get out of your way, so that He can make a way! His will is going to outweigh your way. Pray about it! After prayer, be proactive, persevere in the midst of pain. Know that it’s in your wait He’ll give patience and prove His POWER with endless POSSIBILITIES.

Just PRAY ABOUT IT! Can you? Will you go? What are you going to change?

This message was inspired by one of the many impressions from my grandmother, the late, Emma L. Sims. She is the reason, I inspire (iinspire and iCfavor). Today, I’d like to send a Happy Birthday to heaven. I thank God for sharing her spirit that has allowed me to touch the lives of others.

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FREEDOM: Redirection


Freedom: the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint

 Redirection: to change the direction or focus of

 13As for you, if you redirect your heart
and lift up your hands to Him in prayer—
14 if there is iniquity in your hand, remove it,
and don’t allow injustice to dwell in your tents—
15 then you will hold your head high, free from fault.
You will be firmly established and unafraid.
16 For you will forget your suffering,
recalling it only as waters that have flowed by.
17 Your life will be brighter than noonday;
its darkness will be like the morning.
18 You will be confident, because there is hope.
You will look carefully about and lie down in safety.

19 You will lie down without fear,
and many will seek your favor.
20 But the sight of the wicked will fail.
Their way of escape will be cut off,
and their only hope is their last breath.

–Job 11:13-20

On this morning, my normal commute/route (routine) was changed. The news reported an interstate shut down, immediately, I thought “MORE TRAFFIC!” In my silent time this morning, I was reminded of my “one word” for the year.

That one word was, REDIRECTION. On today, my normal route was shut down (closed).  In order to have FREEDOM or to truly walk in our FREEDOM, we must allow REDIRECTION. On today, this truly spoke to me…sometimes God has to shut some things down for us to go another direction. We get comfortable with the same mundane routine and become complacent in a comfortable, yet uncomfortable place.  Don’t get so confined to everyday and negate redirection. It’s time for a spiritual liberation. Allow your path to be redirected. Don’t get caught in the wrong lane, when you were called to go a new direction. There’s a difference.

Today, declare that you will allow God to redirect your steps.  Whatever you desire, HE can and WILL REDIRECT!

Self-check:  What or who is restricting you from your freedom? Are you restricting anyone from their freedom?

Something that I was taught, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” I thought it was a cliché, but it’s a FACT. Don’t restrict your FREEDOM based on your actions. Nor allow someone to hinder your freedom. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, but today was given only by grace.  Declare, FREEDOM!

Be inspired-


7 Thoughts for Today!

Don’t stress because you can’t see it. Rather, give praise, because He’s seeing you through it now!


REALIZE there’s a greater power working within you.

RECOGNIZE you can’t make it on your own.

REMEMBER what He’s done in the past and you can’t stay in the complacent place.

REMOVE worry, fear and complaining.

REORGANIZE your goals and add action to grow into your purpose.

REBUKE all plots and tactics of the enemy.

REJOICE because you will not be defeated by the enemy.  The weapon may form, but it will not be successful in your life.

Now, REST knowing He’s reversing something’s around.  This season is relevant.  The restoring and refining is necessary. Get ready, there’s a breakthrough RESERVED just for you!

 #chelsTHOUGHT for today

 Be Inspired,





Favor in Letting Go

Luke 5:4-7 (MSG)

When he finished teaching, he said to Simon, “Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch.”

5-7 Simon said, “Master, we’ve been fishing hard all night and haven’t caught even a minnow. But if you say so, I’ll let out the nets.” It was no sooner said than done—a huge haul of fish, straining the nets past capacity. They waved to their partners in the other boat to come help them. They filled both boats, nearly swamping them with the catch.

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