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New Beginnings #8

on August 1, 2017

It’s August!!!! It’s time for new beginnings (#8).  As you move forward, don’t stumble reconsidering the past. Any and everything that has happened was for a reason. Generally, the reason doesn’t make sense, however, there’s a purpose.  Allow this to be a productive month—declutter your mind and focus on moving ahead. There’s so much ahead that you can’t see thinking or looking behind. Trust God’s sovereignty, don’t allow the battles of life to consume you, focus on winning the war!

 In order for New Beginnings:

  1. Refocus: Let Go of anything or anyone that isn’t pushing you forward! (It’s in the way)
  2. Redirect: The old direction has come to a dead in…do something different, it’s time for a new way! (Detours aren’t always bad—Deliverance can come out of it)
  3. Realize: Each day has divine purpose; if it’s pointless, it’s has no purpose for power in your space. (Your time is limited, it’s something you can’t get back)
  4. Rejoice: Be thankful, everything happens for a reason to make preparation for something greater. (The plan is always bigger than you)
  5. Release: Anything that’s hindering, isn’t helping you! (Purging is a great method to release—everyone can’t enjoy the purposed journey)
  6. Reflect: If He has done it before, He will/can do it again! Consider positive thoughts/mediation! Find the joy in it! (Liberation time)
  7. Reveal: In due time, He will reveal what you must eliminate in order for Him to elevate you!
  8. REMEMBER: Uncommon things happen when God is trying to lead you to a common

Rely on the Holy Spirit to be your guide in the month of New Beginnings! It’s time! Be reassured, there will be testing, but it’s only temporary. He positioned you for it. Pray about it. Have Patience in it! The enemy knows there’s so much in you, don’t stay in the box!!! Let’s see RESULTS!!! He’s REVISING you!!! Happy New Beginnings!!!!

Be inspired,


One response to “New Beginnings #8

  1. racquelcoral says:

    This I needed to hear! Thank you so much!!

    Thank you,

    Racquel C. Fullman 404-734-8147


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