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Spirit Check

on May 14, 2018

H A P P Y   M O N D A Y | Spirit Check

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! Before you get going, take time to perform a SPIRIT CHECK!

Have you gone to the doctor for a physical exam?  It’s a time to get a status on your health and to further address any concerns. How often do you perform a “Spirit Check?” Often we question spirits of others, when it’s not to our liking or maybe just different. Sadly, we pay so much attention to others and neglect our own spirit.  In order to become balanced and focused, take time examine your spirit.

You may wonder, how and why. So…this week, ELIMINATE spirit crushers, such as, toxic people, relationships, spiritual impurities, illnesses, negativity, complacency, envy, excuses, procrastination, old thoughts, past hurts or anything that is clouding your mental capacity/vision.

You’ll need assistance during the process. Ask God, “Help me rid every hindrance and purify my spirit, so that I am aligned with you. It’s not about other’s, but ME. How can I become better?”

During the spirit check, things to ponder: 1) Is there any freedom in my mind? 2) What will I do today to change? 3) Are there any demonic spirits around me? (Discern) 4) I will say, YES, and release YESterday! 5) Are my motives pure?

Check on your spirit today!

Be inspired…


One response to “Spirit Check

  1. Jennie Donaldson says:


    I needed that!!!



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