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Intentionally Implement in Isolation

on April 30, 2020

Rebuild (1) to make extensive changes in (2) to restore to a previous state

Isolation: (1) The complete separation from others of a person suffering from contagious or infectious disease; quarantine. (2) The action of isolating: the condition of being isolated.

Happy Thursday!

I hope your day is off to a productive start. As this month ends, I hope that you have been rebuilding. I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve made lists of changes versus my norm. I encourage you to do the same. It really makes a difference. It’s alright to change 😊

Think about what it means to rebuild and isolate. During the pandemic, in my opinion the world has encountered a fast, also known by the media as quarantine. There has been a reason for this isolation. I hope that you have been able to set a foundation to rebuild you this month. What changes have you made? (Seriously, take note of it)

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT! Yes, you can implement during isolation. It could be a new meditation schedule, exercise routine, focusing on a new goal, organization, eliminating something or restructuring. There are somethings that you have envisioned or perhaps God has spoke and you’ve snoozed it. Don’t snooze what God is trying to awaken in you. The time is here for you to implement the changes into your life. You should not come out the same—after all, there’s an “It” that you must be intentional with—Don’t ignore.

I want to encourage you today, “Be intentional to implement “That thing” that you’ve been putting off. Start now, tomorrow isn’t promised (That cliché is true).  It’s imperative that you are intentional in isolation.

God, I thank you for this day! You know our name, so speak, for your servants are listening. Thank you for isolation, but help us to be intentional and implement our new norm. Thank you for the growth that’s taking place right now. Help us to see your favor in the midst of the pandemic, knowing that you have power and will release PEACE. Today, allow us to find joy, because there’s no demonic force that will distance us from you. Heal those that are affected by COVID-19—release your angels to cover them as well as the world and leadership. I rebuke every curse and ask that you would cover us in your blood! Help us to implement boundaries! Heal, deliver and set us free!!! In Jesus name, AMEN.

Be inspired

2 responses to “Intentionally Implement in Isolation

  1. Frances Holman says:

    Thank you Chelsea! Great word! Stay safe! Love you!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like meditation and prayer

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