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Strength in Stretching

on November 27, 2018


to amplify or enlarge beyond natural or proper limits  

(of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.

to lie down at full length

straighten or extend one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length, typically so as to tighten one’s muscles or in order to reach something. 

“Enlarge the place of your tent,  stretch your tent curtains wide,  do not hold back; lengthen your cords,  strengthen your stakes. –Isaiah 54:2

Has there been a moment when you may have felt that you have been pulled in multiple directions? There may have been a moment that you feel, “I’m about to break.” Often stretching is designed to make you push beyond what’s comfortable. Are you comfortable? There are times God will allow comfort in a discomforting season. It’s in the uncomfortable place the discomfort is to remind you that you’ve been comfortable too long. There hasn’t been enough stretching, which permits GROWTH. Sometimes He has to isolate you, it takes great FAITH in the stretching season.

It’s the stretching that will allow you to become more refined and strengthen character. Often, God will stretch you to redirect your path to a greater place He has called you. If He can’t get you in your comfort zone, then He has the room to stretch you. There’s so much more in you.  Despite the stretching, He will not allow you to BREAK.  The glory can’t come out of your comfort zone. Take a moment to “Thank Him” for loving you enough to stretch you, beyond your limits into His SUPERNATURAL Power. He will cultivate your strength in the process. He wants to increase and enlarge your territory. Trust Him in the midst of the stretching. The stretch will save you. It’s a season of stretching that will shift you to a new dimension, some may not understand, but don’t allow other’s to distract you.  After all, His sovereignty will sustain you during each moment of your stretching season.

The stretch will create “NEW”:

 1.    Purpose

2.    Protection

3.    Possibilities

4.    Position

5.    Posture

6.    Perception

7.    Personal Growth

Be inspired.



2 responses to “Strength in Stretching

  1. Nadia Raphael says:

    Thanks Chels! I sooo needed to read this right now as I’m currently in a new position that’s totally out my comfort zone! I pray and ask god for strength and courage every single day! Xoxo

  2. Frances Holman says:

    Great message! Continue inyour work for the Lord!

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